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Good to see our long time friend 
Pat Williams when visiting Orlando

For over 25 years Laureen and I advocated for seriously ill children who were falling through the cracks and were not able to receive their treatments.  We did this through our 501c3, Compassion Children's Foundation, Inc.

Pat Williams, Magic Co-Founder & Senior Vice President, was then, for Compassion, and now, for Living with Victory, a great supporter of ours in every way. 

Pat retired, or did he?...

Pat Williams & Living With Victory
Nothing is Impossible with God

“They called me crazy back in the ’80s,” Williams told me. “They’ll probably call me even crazier now. Or maybe instead of calling me crazy, they’ll look at what happened more than 30 years ago and think to themselves, 'Hey, that basketball thing worked. Maybe, just maybe, this baseball thing will work, too. "

If this were anybody else other than the great Pat Williams calling a news conference Wednesday about bringing baseball to Orlando, the local media would have either ignored it or laughed at it. If anybody other than Williams were making this pitch Wednesday without a stadium plan or an ownership group and showing up with nothing but hats, T-shirts and a website we wouldn’t call them Orlando Dreamers; we’d call them Orlando Pipe-Dreamers.

Nov 12, 2019 | 9:08 PM

But Pat is different. He’s proven he can turn a no-horse sports town into an NBA city. He’s proven he could turn ping-pong balls into superstars. He’s proven he can adopt 19 children; author 104 books; run 58 marathons; and survive multiple myeloma — a serious form of bone-marrow cancer.

How does he do it?

Why does he do it?

He hands me a copy of a poem “The Dreamer” written by former NBA player Swen Nater and tells me to read it.

"The dreamer he never stops climbing,

No matter how daunting the hill.

Though the salt of his sweat it may blind him,

His soul feels the dream yonder still.

And it’s golden, so golden it pulls him,

Through the pierce and his terrible scream.

No hill that is high, and no fiery thigh,

Can hinder the quest for his dream."

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After 53 Years of marriage and 38 years advocating for seriously ill children who fall through the cracks, we have experienced many storms personally from bankruptcy to breast cancer, as well as the storms of the families we helped.  Join us for these stories and learn how you can have victory in the midst of your storm.


"Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; Do not be discouraged, your God will be with you wherever you go."